In the depths of mount Blacktop lies vast caves and black lakes, old artifacts in forgotten ruins. Since dawn of time this underground world has been inhabitated by dark creatures, all figthing among themselves for the right to survive. Goblins, orks and kobolds battle eachother in the upper levels, trying to control the hostile mounthainside, while the more poweful deep races, the deep gnomes, the dvarven races and the drow plot against eachother to increase dominance. Even they though, do travel in the very core of the mounthain, because in there lies horrors untold of. But one day a stranger arrives, a powerful wizard which seeks revenge over his nemesis, a bold paladin from the surface kingdoms. Beside him coming from the heart of evil, mount Eclon itself, nothing is known about this powerful being. One thing is for sure though, the wizards needs minions to build him a new lair and expand his rule into the darkness, and among the mouthains countless caves and corridors he might find what he needs, he might find you.

The plot of this campaign is set in the depths of a big mouthain, inhabitet by all kind of evil creatures. The PC’s are monster characters, which all serve a powerful wizard in his quest to create a army for the surface kingdoms.

the main focus of the campagin is to se the fantasy world setting from the perspektive of the “evil minion”, and to get the feel that you are part of some villians plan to win over good. As the title may suggest, the theme for this campaign is loosely inspired by the PC game dungeon keeper, and the twist it brought to how evil dungeons where made, and how fun it could be to be evil. The focus for this evil setting is therefor not meant do be serious, but funny in its own dark strange way.

Dungeon Keepers